The B T Course Diary

The New Basic Technology Course has started from this June [2009]. This page will get regular updates of the happenings in this course [that is the intention!!]. To start with, we would like to give an idea through photo essays,  the kind of hands-on work that students do. Slowly we will try to evolve small tutorials on how to do some of the things that they do in this course

March diary

Science Day in Sittilingi Govt.  High School; Table lamps making using white LED and bamboo; Sports Day celebrations in Thulir and;  Paddy cultivation update: Read More>

February diary

Bamboo and LED torch making workshop in Rishi Valley school; Japanese citizens delegation visits Thulir; Bee Keeping update; Ant proofing Bee boxes, and ; Paddy cultivation / organic farming: Read More>

January diary

Time for Harvest and Harvest Festival [Pongal!]; The new Paddy field gets ready!!;  Bee Keeping update;Soap making workshop conducted by Thulir for a women’s self help group and;  The Training Centre roof comes up. Read More>

December diary

Learning to measure areas — of the Volleyball court, the newly levelled paddy field; update on the paddy test field; organic gardening -vegetable patch; Bee keeping — making a base for the bee boxes to keep ants out ; LED lamp for cycle dynamo;  Read more>

November diary

The test plot for Rice coming up nicely; time to repair the cow shed and the bike!; more work on LED light fixtures and the Triing Centre walls are up! Read more >

October diary

In October, we did the Stage 9 of the Construction activity. There were craft sessions – on the bamboo craft and the Porgai Embroidery activity. We continued the electronics classes. And, there were some class room sessions on Maths as well. Read more>

September diary

September had lot of activities too. Construction activities went one step further; Soap Making continued. We started Organic Farming and Electronics sessions were held.  Read more>

August diary

August was a month of variety in the tasks taken up. More time spent in learning masonry, the fun of building an arch in the Cycle shed wall, learning to make soap, the first steps in learning to use a computer, gaining confidence in handling bee colonies, and more. Read more>

July diary

Growing in confidence, our students take on building construction skills; in a short time learning a variety of skills, hoping to play a part in the construction of the new Training Centre coming up in Sittilingi. Read more>

June diary

The new batch of Basic Technology Course students join this month and learning process starts right away with some plumbing, and electronics projects. Read more>


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