March 2010 diary

Science Day in Sittilingi Govt. High School

The local Govt School headmaster requested Thulir to help their students put up a science exhibition in the school, 2 days before the event! Thulir students decided to take it as a challenge and after hectic preparations, prepared exhibits/ demonstrations and taught the school children how to demonstrate and explain the concepts.

Table lamps making using white LED and bamboo. As part of our Bamboo craft work this month the students made bamboo table lamps.

table lamp

making a table lamp

Sports Day celebrations Students have been very keen to have a sports day celebration in Thulir. So finally it was decided to have the event on March 27 and 28th. The event preceded much planning and preparation of the field for the event.

Paddy cultivation update

An organic input, Panchakavyam was prepared this month to add to the paddy field. [for 25 cent cow dung 1.25 kg, cow urine 0.75 lt, ghee 0.250 kg, milk 0.5 lts, curd 0.5 lt, jaggery 0.250 kg, tender coconut water 0.75 lts, 3 ripe bananas.] A crisis looms with the water level in our open well steadily decreasing and so we decided to explore alternatives to flooding the paddy field. A couple of representatives visited Auroville to look at practices such as mulching and drip irrigation. Much inspired after seeing for oneself, we are now mulching and setting up the drip irrigation.


2 Responses to March 2010 diary

  1. Suseela Kumaravel says:

    Feel very much related to all the above activities. Keen to know whether the drip irrigation system has been completed and whether the rain gods have been benevolent towards your sincere efforts.


  2. thulir says:

    Was nice having you and Clive in Sitilingi. We did install the drip pipes only to discover, our pump isnt sufficient to irrigate the area required. Luckily, we had a good rain on 30th [5 cms], so are hopeful about getting a good crop!

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